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kluo caps

kluo caps


UVC toothbrush steriliser

includes: UV sterlising box, micro-USB to USB charging cable, magnet with 3M tape 

• >99% sterilisation rate

• Portable with magnetic application

• Fast sterilisation in 3 mins

• Made from wheatstraw & ABS plastic (BPA-free), environmentally friendly & biodegradable

• UV chip contains UVA 400 nm (light indicator) & UVC 270-280 nm (invisible steriliser light), long-lasting LED light beads (10,000 hours)

  1. Stick the magnet provided to the wall/mirror
  2. Use your toothbrush as usual
  3. Tap off excess water
  4. Put your toothbrush in kluo caps and let it do the magic
  5. When the light flashes, please charge your kluo caps with the micro-USB cable provided
  6. Take kluo caps anywhere you travel
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